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We all know how important signage is in the real estate business.  Potential buyers often ride through neighborhoods and new subdivisions to get a feel for the area.  Today, marketing is more important than ever and a huge boost can come from an aditional new sign that says SeeItNow360.com/123ThisHouse

Imagine this – a buyer happens to drive into a new area and sees this sign on the front lawn. The potential buyer sits in his car in front of the home and types in the link showed on the sign. It was easy to find, he sees the pictures, the 360 video and your contact information all within minutes using a mobile device.

He can then immediately show it to his spouse, share it with others and he can work with the agent or seller whether he buys this home or not.

Now, with the help of smartphones, viewing and buying a house is easier than ever. The technology at our fingertips makes online viewing more popular than ever, making right marketing decisions even more critical in the success of selling your home fast.